Signing Up for Track and Field Cross Country

How to get signed up.

 Step 1: Decide to be a part of something special. Here is WHY you should choose Cross Country and Track and Field... High School athletics will help you grow as a person and create a sense of belonging and self appreciation. You will learn lifelong lessons about friendship, teamwork, overcoming adversity and living a healthy lifestyle. The team environment we strive to create is one of universal acceptance and love for sport and team. We strive to develop student-athletes academically, socially and athletically.

Step 2: Get a Sports Physical from your doctor. In order to be in athletics you will need to have a yearly physical that clears you to be able to participate. 

Step 3: Visit the Dakota Ridge Athletic Website to get all of the necessary paperwork that must be filled out and turned in online.

Step 4: Be sure to include payment for the season when you submit your paper work online. 

Step 5: Show up for practice with a positive attitude, willingness to be a team player and a desire to improve as a student-athlete