100m Nick Cohn 10.88 2015

200m Jake Simpson 22.15  2000

400m  Jake Simpson 48.99  2000

800m  Connor Ohlson 1:53.84  2019

1600m  Evan Appel 4:15.81  2009

3200m  Evan Appel  9:07.82  2009

110m Hurdles Ryan Hawkinson 15.42 2007

300m Hurdles  Steve Oman  40.7  2000

Shot Put  Gordon Stant  55’ 11 ¼’  2004

Discus  Austin Roup  171’ 11.5”  2011

Long Jump  Taylor Accardi  22’ 2 1/2  2009

Triple Jump  Taylor Accardi  44’ 5 1/2  2008

High Jump  Caleb Stephens  6’ 6”  1998

Pole Vault  Lance Swanson  13’ 0  2003

400m Relay  

Antony Tunis, Brad Low, Jake Simpson,  Jake Brown  

43.09  2001  

800m Relay  

Matt Bierman, Justin Fields, Aaron Martinez, Caleb Stephen  1:29.25  1998  

1600m Relay  

Nic Hartman, Nathan Mendoza, Justin Mendoza,  Justin Kirk  3:23.61  1999

3200m Relay  

Connor Ohlson, Ben Morrin, Ben Piegat, Austin Vancil   7:58.24  2019

League Relays Records

1200m Relay 

 Chris Taylor, Emmanuel Mwinbong, Ryan Hart, Braden Mattson  2:33.39  2016

6400m Relay   

Connor Ohlson, Austin Vancil, Ben Morrin, Riley Abrashoff 

18:00.88  2019

800m Medley  

Matt Janusz, Steve Mueller,R. Padilla, Nic Hartman  

1:36.8  1999

1600m Medley   

Jamal Yatribi, Dante Capolungo, Nico Capolungo Connor Ohlson  3:38.71  2019

Distance Medley  

Ben Piegat, Mark Testa, Connor Ohlson, Austin Vancil 

10:42.36 2018

Shuttle Hurdles  

Wade Fletcher, Brandon Shaefer, Caleb Stephens, Steve Mueller  1:07.6  1998

Shot Put Relay 

 Cameron Stant, Gordon Stant, Cole Gilmore, Zach Morse  

173’ 1”  2002  

Discus Relay  

Clint Parker, Billy Reynolds, Nick Gabel, Geoff Morse 

 510’ 5”  1999

High Jump Relay  

Mike Taylor, Jared Runyon, Jeff Kachel, Eric Coffman  

22’8”  1999

Long Jump Relay  

Andrew Nobis, Chris Royce, Adam Musser, Lance Swanson  

77’6 ½”  2002

Triple Jump Relay 

 Mike Taylor, Steve Mueller, Eric Coffman, Wade Fletcher  

162’ 6”  1999



While not every performance on here can be verified as a wind legal performance, we have adopted the rule/understanding that school records should be wind legal. If it is unknown whether a past performance is wind legal or not and it is listed as record, the current record will be maintained until a wind legal mark bests the current mark. 

Over the last 10-14 years there has been a gradual shift toward MORE automatic timed track meets. Currently over the last 6-7 years nearly every meet is automatic timed with current state qualifying standards based on TIMING and accurate measurement. Therefore, there is considerable weight given to performances that have been automatically timed. Past, say prior to 2005, there were still a lot of meets that were HAND TIMED and or some variation of hand timing with old technology. Performances are researched as much as possible and if found to be hand timed those performances are subject to a CONVERSION based on the National Federation of State High School Federations governing body for high school athletics. That conversion information can be found by

 clicking HERE.

Performances that are recent and are known without a shadow of doubt to be automatically timed are compared to these listed records. Upon comparison and any hand timed conversions of past performances done as necessary, current coaching staff will make a decision on the validity of changing any records. In other words....if its close and we know a past performance is hand timed, adding the conversion to the hand timed performance will happen and if the current performance is FASTER..then the current performance will become the school record. All school record inquiries should be sent to current head coach Mark Stenbeck at